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Add Resource Ltd, a dynamic and forward-thinking company, is a limited liability entity registered and operating under the laws of the Republic of Ghana. With a firm commitment to sustainable development, we are at the forefront of expanding Ghana's mining sector. Our operations span across various critical areas, including Gold and Diamond mining, Gold and Diamond trading, Land Reclamation for agricultural use, and Salt production. We also help foreign companies expand the reach of their market in Africa via our Mining Equipment Sales Representation module.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to drive substantial growth in Ghana's mining sector. We aim to achieve this by scaling small-scale operations, creating more job opportunities, and bolstering economic growth, all while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Key Activities:

  1. Gold and Diamond Mining: We specialize in responsibly mining Ghana's rich reserves of gold and diamonds, using proven methods and sustainable practices.
  2. Gold and Diamond Trading: Our trading operations focus on providing authentic, high-quality gold and diamonds, fostering a transparent and reliable market.
  3. Land Reclamation for Agricultural Use: We are dedicated to restoring mining lands for agricultural purposes, contributing to food security and ecological balance.
  4. Salt Production: Our involvement in salt production underscores our diverse capabilities and commitment to tapping into Ghana's natural resources responsibly.

Strategic Approach:

Aligned with the ministry's comprehensive operational plans, we are building a robust foundation for the sustainable growth and development of Ghana's mining sector. Our strategic approach combines economic viability with environmental stewardship, ensuring long-term benefits for both the community and the industry.

Our Commitment:

At Add Resource Ltd, our commitment goes beyond mining; we are dedicated to nurturing the social, economic, and environmental aspects of Ghanaian communities. We believe in creating a positive impact that resonates well beyond our immediate activities, laying the groundwork for a prosperous and sustainable future.

Join Us:

As we embark on this journey of growth and expansion, we invite partners, stakeholders, and communities to join us in shaping a thriving and sustainable mining sector in Ghana.

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